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Our vision – not just a slogan but part of who we are

To grant access to knowledge with the support of EDTech, to the people of the world. Pioneering Solutions Studio works with various international donor and private sector organisations from across the world to empower

people through access to our EDTech solutions. We get no greater kick in life than from seeing our EdTech solutions empower someone to live a better life.


OUR VISION TRISCOMS™ has supported our vision in many ways but here are one what we are most proud of:

United Nations Comprehensive Sexuality Education Program

UNESCO, UNFPA, Johns Hopkins University/HC3 contracted the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) and Pioneering Solutions Studio (PSS) to design an online in-service Educator training course on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Region. This initiative falls within the context of the ESA Commitment, and initiative affirmed in December 2013 by the Ministers of Education and Health from 21 ESA countries. The ESA Commitment aims to improve and scale up young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health services through quality and age appropriate sexuality education; HIV prevention and youth friendly SRH services. The ESA Commitment set several targets including the following short-term targets;

A good quality CSE curriculum framework is in place and being implemented in each of the 20 countries

Pre-and in-service SRH and CSE training for Educators, health and social workers are in place and being implemented in all 20 countries;

By the end of 2015, decrease by 50% the number of adolescents and young people who do not have access to youth-friendly SRH services


  1. Increasing the number of Educators in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region who are qualified to teach sexuality education
  2. Strengthening the capacity of Ministries of Education to provide education and training for Educators to teach sexuality and HIV education lessons in the classrooms;
  3. Improving the quality of school-based sexuality and HIV education programs – evidence informed and effective to reduce risky behaviours amongst school-going youth; and
  4. Improving learner knowledge and health-seeking behaviours for sexual and reproductive health and rights achievement and related life skills.

Empowering Educators

The ESA Commitment recognizes that effective HIV and sexuality education requires highly skilled and motivated staff. The International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education argues that Educators need appropriate training, skills in the use of participatory methods, and ongoing support. However, far too often, Educators are not sufficiently well equipped to address sexuality issues, and therefore, often find it challenging to talk to learner about their sexuality. In an environment where many topics related to sexuality can be culturally and religiously sensitive there are a range of challenges related to the preparation and capacity development of Educators to implement sexuality education. For many countries in the ESA region the capacity and performance levels of Educators regarding the delivery of comprehensive sexuality curricula remains a significant implementation challenge.

By better preparing Educators with the appropriate training, materials and the mandate to teach HIV and health topics, the education sector can seize the opportunity presented by Educators’ existing knowledge levels and close the knowledge gap faced by students. These steps are necessary for schools to fulfil their responsibility to provide young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect themselves make informed choices and realize their full potential. Extensive evidence shows that comprehensive sexuality education programmes consistently increase student knowledge about HIV and other health issues.



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