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Changing the face of Professional

In pursuit of our vision to empower people through education, we constantly innovate and drive change within Education Technology (EdTech). We take pride in providing leading technology solutions that address the educational and training needs for professionals and professional industry service providers. Our TRISCOMS™ Professional Education Platforms (EdTech platforms) offer comprehensive online professional

development and training management services that complete the education value chain. We have the required skillset, aptitude and therefore opportunity to provide unique services like educational game development, instructional design, videography and course content sourcing, that is beneficial to education on a professional, corporate and individual level.


Our EdTech platform, TRISCOMS™, is based around online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) management and built to consolidate a professional industry’s CPD educational and compliance requirements within a secure industry-specific environment. TRISCOMS™ provides professionals and service providers with the right tools, resources and leading compliance features to comfortably keep up to date with their CPD and education demands.

TRISCOMS™ addresses various key requirements for education with professional industries. Below are the key features that make TRISCOMS™ a leader in CPD and education management.



CPD is a concept implemented by a professional council or entity, whereby industry professionals are encouraged to stay up to date with the latest developments, changes in legislation and practice, changes in areas of specialisation, or simply to study further in fields within their profession or related to their industry, market or interests.

TRISCOMS™ is built to assist professionals across various industries to effectively manage their CPD compliance using our integrated compliance tool - the CPD Manager.

CPD Status Tracking
To assist professionals on their journey to CPD compliance, our CPD Manager includes a unique CPD tracking tool that tracks an individual’s professional CPD compliance in accordance with the specific regulations stipulated by the regulating council. CPD Manager tracks and reports all CPD activities completed (online courses, journals and articles) or captured (event attendance).

CPD Activity Record/Portfolio of Evidence Submission
TRISCOMS™’s CPD Manager also provides members with the opportunity to electronically submit their professional CPD activity report or Portfolio of Evidence (which is automatically prepopulated in the format) directly to the respective industry council or governing body for reviewal at the click of a button.


Integrated within our Professional Platforms, our members benefit from a secure online learning portfolio that stores and keep track of all their CPD certificates. All certificates received for CPD activities completed or attended, are listed and accessible to be viewed or downloaded. The learning portfolio forms part of our CPD Manager and forms the foundation of our compliance services.

Platform members are able to manually upload CPD certificates that they have received onto their learning portfolios to create a complete and up-to-date professional development portfolio, ready to be submitted to their professional regulatory council.


TRISCOMS™ provides professional industries with comprehensive CPD Event Management solutions, allowing both professionals and industry stakeholders, to effectively manage their CPD event compliance requirements.

Event Central
Event Central is a module of TRISCOMS™ and South Africa’s first all-inclusive event attendance management solution that delivers unique turn-key services that enable effective control over all your events attendance requirements. Event Central includes the capturing of delegate attendance via smart phone application integration and provides diligent reporting.

Event Central further provides regulated industries with comprehensive CPD event management solutions that not only offer full audit trails of delegate attendance, but integrated user learning portfolios and regulatory compliance reports.

CPD Event Scanning Solution
Powered by Event Central, our Event Scanning Service provide professional platform members with the opportunity the scan their TRISCOMS™-linked QR code at workshops, conferences or congresses, which will issue their CPD Attendance Certificate directly into their CPD Manager. Simply attend any CPD event hosted via TRISCOMS™ and have your unique QR scanned at the CPD Attendance stand. It is as easy as that – all event manager and delegate compliance needs are taken care of.

Online Events Calendar
TRISCOMS™ provide members with secure and industry-specific online calendars to view available CPD-accredited events hosted by leading CPD service providers, at the click of a button. Members can choose from a variety of industry events (workshops, conferences or congresses) to attend to address their CPD requirements.


Our Independent Education Fund Management services provide professional platform members with to opportunity to access a range of professional scholarships in the form of online CPD courses or physical events which are hosted across the world.

These scholarships are funded by independent sponsors whom can prescribe their specific application requirements, based on their target audiences. Platforms members that meet the set-out requirements can apply in order to qualify for the scholarship(s), and if successful, will be awarded the sponsored scholarship to further their education and keep abreast with the latest industry developments.

In order for educational scholarship to be effective for our partners, we provide independent and comprehensive reporting that incorporates the tracking, detailed analysis and validation of the effectiveness of all funds spent on all educational scholarships. This solution nullifies the compliance risk for our sponsor partners as their educational funds are independently managed via our Professional Platform Solutions.


OUR SOLUTIONS Instructional Course Design

What is worse than completing a PDF-based course online that consists of 500 pages? Completing a 500-page PDF-based course that was designed in a word processor with clip arts from the 90s. We know you know what we are talking about. Nothing kills one’s ambitions to master new subject matter quite like the famous faceless stick man and his paint brush.

Let’s get real – technology has progressed and so to online learning standards. It is just not good enough to PDF your Microsoft Word file and host it on a web page. It is not online learning because the file is online. That is just online reading; and reading does not imply learning. The measure of learning is knowledge creation and it is incredibly difficult to inspire the human brain without visual stimulation.

Enter Instructional Designing – the process of converting boring educational content into an interactive learning extravaganza. Don’t assume knowledge transfer – test every aspect of knowledge transfer with interactive assessments. Go beyond multiple choice and use every aspect that current web technology has to offer – from interactive drag and drop to text recognition. Our Online Learning department is ready to help you take your content to the next level in delegate interaction and satisfaction.

We make use the latest tools during our design process. But we all know that seeing is believing (especially when it comes to Instructional Design). So, don’t just take our word for it – take a tour through one of our courses and judge for yourself.

OUR SOLUTIONS Accredited Content Sourcing

At Pioneering Solutions Studio, we work with the best of the best, when it comes to educational content development. Our content partners range from international universities to companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange; from non-profit associations to key opinion leaders and thought experts.

We all know that the rule in business holds true “it is not what you know, it is who you know” and we know a lot of smart people. And the odds are that one of our current content partners will know the right person, if we do not know a content provider that can develop what you are looking for.

We have many content development partners across many countries, purely because we are a software solutions company and we do not develop training material or content in competition with our partners. We believe in providing the digital platforms for universities, key opinion leaders and other content developers to reach professionals.

So, if you are interested in hosting a course or offering scholarships to professionals in a specific industry or field but you are not sure where to find the right content, look no further. We will hook you up with the right people.

And, if you are a content developer or provider and believe that we should be working with you, please give us a shout by completing the content form below – we would love to hear from you.

OUR SOLUTIONS Educational Game Development

One of the latest innovations to come out of Pioneering Solutions Studio, is our Educational Gaming Service. PSS strives to provide the very best in technology and innovative solutions, and it is for this reason that we are proud to add the Unity Game Developer to our arsenal. A leader in the gaming development industry , the Unity Game Builder allows us to explore and develop a full range of 2D and 3D gaming solutions. Our goal is to provide internationally recognized educational training programs, through a new, fun and interactive gaming experience by focusing on a well-designed and highly entertaining learning experience. Changing the way in which we learn through a more entertaining and engaging format means better results in less time.

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Want to build a game in Unity? Leave your details via our online chat system and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

OUR SOLUTIONS Videography and Editing

No online learning experience is complete without quality video content. Platforms like YouTube and Netflix has proven the value that consumers place on video. And consumers of educational products are no different. It is for this reason that he have an in-house videography team that is ready to assist you capture your content at the highest standard. They also regularly assist with the editing of existing videos to online education standards.

We also have a fully-kitted recording studio at Knowledge Park (just off Lynwood road in Pretoria, South Africa), where we produce studio-quality recordings for clients that want to develop international standard online courses and videos.


Pioneering Solutions Studio provides a comprehensive CPD management bureau service that assist industry professionals to meet their statuary and regulatory professional development requirements as set out by the specific industry councils.

This is the private banking service of CPD compliance – we do the heavy lifting for our professionals when they don’t have the time to do so. We take care of professional compliance.