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Our vision is simple, yet powerful. To grant access to knowledge with the support of EdTech to the people of the world.



You have reached the world of Pioneering Solutions Studio. Welcome and please feel free to get to know us. Pop in any time for news and updates, should you like what you see.

While working with hundreds of multi-national companies, we learnt that we see the world differently to what people have come to expect from a traditional Education Technology (EdTech) company. We do not yet know whether our view of the world is different because of Innovation, our appropriately-named hot air balloon, which allows us to view the world from 50,000 feet or whether it is our admiration for people and our love for the environment. But what we do know, is that Africa is a wonderful home for an EdTech company that is bent on changing the world for millions of people.

This is our African, yet internationally endorsed, perspective and we believe it makes us who we are.

We recommend that you equip yourself with a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable before diving into our world. You probably won’t be able to stop once you have start, and nothing is worse than staring down into an empty coffee cup, when you cannot tear yourself away from your screen.

OUR CORE Why we chose to work in EdTech

We at Pioneering Solutions Studio have dedicated our professional lives and resources to pursue our vision of empowering people through education. Yes, you may be thinking that you have heard this before - John Amos Comenius, the father of modern education had a similar vision of changing the world through education. And as much as we value and respect Mr Comenius’ leadership in education, we are a millennial-run company that gets a kick out of instant gratification, when compared to more traditional education program timelines. Our addiction to instant gratification is not for self-gratification – it is for seeing the impact that our EdTech platforms already have on the lives of hundreds of thousands of professionals across the world. We are addicted to seeing how these professionals are increasing their knowledge through our EdTech platforms. And the best part, is that we get to see this in real-time – our EdTech platform is called TRISCOMS™ (short for Training, Risk and Compliance Management System). TRISCOMS™ is designed to deliver instant insights into user engagement and knowledge increase. You see – if we can change the life of one person in a developing country, by providing access to knowledge and professional development, we know that this one person will most likely go on to support an entire family. If one person can support a family, those family members are more likely to access education themselves, which empowers the next generation.

To learn more about why we come to work every day, read our
Empowerment through Education theory and how TRISCOMS™ makes it possible

OUR CORE What we keep Ourselves busy with

Pioneering Solutions Studio offers complete technology solutions to address professional education needs. We develop, implement and maintain online Professional Education Platforms (EdTech platforms), for various professional industries and also offer all corresponding services including educational game development, instructional design, videography and course content sourcing. Our platform, TRISCOMS™, is used from healthcare, to the built environment, natural and veterinary sciences to financial services. We believe that TRISCOMS™ platforms will become the corner stone of professional education and the go-to for partners that want to educate professionals.

What makes us a solutions-driven company and not just another software company, is that we don’t just develop the EdTech platforms – we offer the complete education value chain:

How we "keep moving forward" - thanks for the advice, Walt

Our mission to develop and implement world-class online EdTech solutions, is underpinned by our commitment to quality. We are a fully-accredited Microsoft Partner and we adhere to Microsoft International Standards during our solution-development life cycles. Our various Microsoft Partner accreditations range from Authorised Education Partner (AEP) to Imagine Academy and Cloud Platform. Our theory is that only by adhering to international quality and assurance standards, can we build international standard EdTech solutions and see our vision to fruition.

We are part of group of companies registered with the South African Department for Higher Education and Training, in addition to our commitment to international software standards. We work closely with our shareholder and partner, Foundation for Professional Development (registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) in terms of Section 54(1)(c) of the Act and Regulation 16(4)(a)), to ensure that that our EdTech also complies with the best education standards. We also work with many international education partners.

Learn more about how our commitment to quality standards help us achieve our mission

The People behind the Tech

Pioneering Solutions Studio is a South African EdTech company, founded in 2009. It took us 2 years and thousands of litres of coffee to develop our first professional industry EdTech implementation of TRISCOMS™. We finally launched in the healthcare industry in 2011. In our go-live year, our 4 staff members and EdTech platform supported 238 healthcare professionals from South Africa. Fast forward to today, and our 38 staff members support over 41,000 healthcare professionals from over 100 countries. We have also expanded our TRISCOMS™ platform offering to the financial sector, the built environment, natural and veterinary sciences and many more.

TRISCOMS™ is now on Version 2 and has been upgraded to run optimally within the Microsoft Azure Cloud. TRISCOMS™ Version 2 or “Gecko” is the basis for all industries that launched TRISCOMS™ since June 2018.

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